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Hello <3

Pixel - 4 Santa Teacup by firstfear Pixel - GingerLove Teacup by firstfear Pixel - Snowman Jacuzzi by firstfear

Hello there~~<3

Name: Justyna
Nick: NeMi09 but call me just NeMi If you're curious about number in my's simple ^^ 2009 is a year I start drawing
Location: Europ, Poland, Warsaw
Tools: Traditional - pencil, copics, watercolors. Digital - SAI, wacom user
Like to do: Drinking, sleeping, watching movie/tv, reading and drawing of course
Hates: Very cold winter and very hot summer, art block, mean people, hangover...
Fears: Ghosts, darkness
Food : Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, sushi
Music : Rock, film music and classical
Books : Fantasy, paranormal, romance

I'm traditional and digital artist

Commission Open by Toy-Soul Trades Closed by Toy-Soul Collaboration Ask Stamp by Toy-Soul


Pixel - Daily Dose by firstfearPixel - Daily Dose by firstfearPixel - Daily Dose by firstfear

:G: for Rieek by NeMi09

Commission offer

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3


I'm open for cash and point commissions
I offer you a drawing in digital.

800 :points: - 8$ CHIBI
:C: Evayne by NeMi09:C: Fae by NeMi09:C: Let me help you by NeMi09
800 :points: 8$ HALF-BODY
:G: Domaki by NeMi09

For any extras likes weapon, wings, animals or just very deailed outfit + 100 :points: - 200 :points: 1$-2$

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send me a note containing this information:
- what option you want (chibi or half-body)
- reference of your character's design and short character description
- your payment type (cash - via paypal - or points)

*I reserve the right to reject a commission if it does not fit me.
** I'm able to increase a payment coz my artstyle is improving with every next drawing

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Commission/to do list

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Commission OPEN
Wait list:

To do list:
:iconsolceress: KIRI
:iconatorife: ACEO AT 1/2 done

Moonlight Sonata by NeMi09
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My precious folks

:iconsolceress: First person I met and my big LOVE
:iconwickedjuti: Awesome girl and big personality
:iconatorife: My dA friend wchich I support
:iconhecateslight: Unexpected and important friend with big heart <3
:iconforunth: dA friend with great imagination and tough character ;)
:iconlanokir: I just love this guy :D

Stamps Power~~

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10:40 am
Apr 17, 2014
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Apr 17, 2014
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Apr 17, 2014
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Apr 16, 2014
12:55 pm

Contest - Emotions, music and two girls/NEW PRIZES

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 12:22 PM
Contest Open by NeMi09

Hello dears ! Time for next contest !:)
Please read everything and if you don`t know/understand something- just ask us/read FAQ !:)  / Gdy ktoś angielskiego nie rozumie- również proszę pytać śmiało o wszystko!:) /

Theme Solceress`s OC Hikari and NeMi09`s OC Pierrot together. Show us some emotions inspired by music !

Heart Emote by GasaraContest starts : 03.04.2014
Heart Emote by GasaraContest ends:   06.07 [July] 2014

Hikari and Pierrot are a... couple ! Yeees !:) If you don`t like yuri... just think about them like very close best friends :)
And what about these emotions, you asked?  Find some song you love - it could be any song ! And show us any emotions on your drawing inspired by this song. It could be sadness, happiness, anger and many MANY others !

Exclamation Emote by GasaraThere is a lot of emotions ! Maybe it will help you a little !:)…

Remember, that there are some things which better helps to show emotions on drawing : colors, poses of characters, background, light.. and many others.

CC: Hikarrot by yukifubuki
This drawing by yukifubuki with our OC was inspiration to start this contest :) She created some nice story with them :heart:

Exclamation Emote by GasaraExclamation Emote by GasaraIn this contest please try to based on information about our OC from references sheet (and informations under them)--  to avoid situation where you draw something what will not fit to our girls in our opinion.( You can of course tell us about your idea and ask if it will be ok, maybe we will love it if it will be original and fits to them :) )Exclamation Emote by GasaraExclamation Emote by Gasara

SWEET-ness Icon 07 by GasaraRules:

Star Emote by GasaraTry to make the most emitional piece of art you can ! If we will listen to your choosen song in future- we want to remind your entry and think only about your drawing at this moment !
Star Emote by GasaraWe accept digital and traditional drawings ( or mixed of them).
Star Emote by GasaraDo not use bases.
Star Emote by GasaraIt will be great if you will draw some background, not just leave a white space.
Star Emote by GasaraYou can submit two entries, but only one of them can win.
Star Emote by GasaraYour drawing should be new and make espiecially for this contest.
Star Emote by GasaraYou have to draw our OC couple- Hikari and Pierrot. And only them!
Star Emote by GasaraGive us a link to your entry on comment or a note.
Star Emote by GasaraYour Artist Comment under your entry should contain : Link to our contest journal. Music artist and lyrics to the song ( will be also nice to see link to the song). Write also which fragment of this song inprired you to draw your entry, which emotions you wanted to show us.
Star Emote by GasaraPlease spend some time on this- we will be looking for emotions and some effort in your drawing. And looking on our girls  ;)
Star Emote by GasaraNo hard violence and hentai ! ( a little of blood or erotic will be ok. If you are not sure about it- show us a sketch or maybe do something different ;))

SWEET-ness Icon 10 by GasaraOk ! Time for our girls you have to draw together !:)SWEET-ness Icon 10 by Gasara

Click on references to see more informations !!:)

Heart Emote by GasaraPIERROTHeart Emote by Gasara

Pierrot sheet by NeMi09

Heart Emote by GasaraHIKARIHeart Emote by Gasara

Hikari - reference sheet by Solceress

 Exclamation Emote by Gasara Here some stuff with them together :…

SWEET-ness Icon 07 by GasaraFAQ:

1. Should I add lyrics to my drawingsQuestion Emote by Gasara
- No. You can add some parts if you think they will fit there, but it`s not necessary.

2. Can I change them clothesQuestion Emote by Gasara
- You can change Hikari`s clothes ( because Solceress loves to see her OC in new outfits) but for Pierrot - just on your risk... ;) /read their reference sheets/

3. What if there will be just few entries? Will the contest be cancelQuestion Emote by Gasara
- No ! We will not cancel this contest, even if there will be few entries !

4. Can you extended the deadlineQuestion Emote by Gasara
- Sorry, but no.

5. Should my entry be in colorQuestion Emote by Gasara
- No, it don`t.  Do what you thinks fits better to your vision and what you think we will like :)

6. Can I draw chibiQuestion Emote by Gasara
- Yes, you can !:) But be carefull with them please !:) F.ex. If you will draw very sad chibis -- draw them that way we will think after look at them : " ahh, poor sad girls :C "  not " awww, omg so cute sad girl!". Don`t give us mix of very very different emotions   ( chibis are mostly cute and funny because of their size ;) )

7. Can I use just instrumental song?Question Emote by Gasara
- Yes !:)

8. Can I make some short story/comic/animation ?Question Emote by Gasara
- Yes, you can !:)

And most important thing for you, we think ..;)

Heart Emote by GasaraPRIZESHeart Emote by Gasara

Star Emote by Gasara1 PLACEStar Emote by Gasara

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara  636 :points: OR 3 months PM
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraHalf-body OR chibi from :iconnemi09:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraHalf-body from :iconsolceress:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraChibi from :iconsolceress:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
Feature and llama from
 :iconsolceress: ** :iconnemi09: ** :iconerozja: **:iconyuuki-ingrid:
Halfbody from :iconopoof:
2 headshots from :iconyuuki-ingrid:
Headshot sketch from :iconkajalla:
Headshot from :iconhinotenoakai:

Star Emote by Gasara2 PLACEStar Emote by Gasara

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara396 :points: OR 1 month PM
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraChibi from :iconnemi09:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraChibi OR headshot from :iconsolceress:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
Feature and llama from
 :iconsolceress: ** :iconnemi09: ** :iconerozja: **:iconyuuki-ingrid:
Chibi from :iconopoof:
Headshot from :iconyuuki-ingrid:
Headshot sketch from :iconkajalla:
Headshot from :iconhinotenoakai:

Star Emote by Gasara3 PLACEStar Emote by Gasara

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara150 :points:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraMini chibi from :iconnemi09:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraChibi OR headshot from :iconsolceress:
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
Feature and llama from
 :iconsolceress: ** :iconnemi09: ** :iconerozja: **:iconyuuki-ingrid:
Chibi from :iconopoof:
2 headshots from :iconyuuki-ingrid:
Headshot from :iconyuuki-ingrid:
Headshot sketch from :iconkajalla:
Headshot from :iconhinotenoakai:

Star Emote by GasaraSPECIAL PRIZES 
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Fullbody sketch from :iconopoof: - for entries she will like so much !:) (Smile)
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara  And maybe something more?.. ;) (Wink) Who knows... ;) (Wink)

Fell free if you want to help us with prizes and donate something !:)

Heart Emote by GasaraGOOD LUCK !:)Heart Emote by Gasara

Drawings by NeMi09 | Graphic&CSS by kinga-saiyans


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BonBon2013 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dziękuję za lamę :hug: Nie mogę się doczekać, aż zacznę rysować pracę do Twojego i Solceress konkursu, bardzo chcę wziąć udział =^^= Twoja galeria jest przepiękna, bardzo mi się podoba :D No i mamy bardzo podobne zainteresowania :D Pozdrawiam!!
NeMi09 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ojeeeej~~ Będziesz rysowała do Naszego konkursu? Co za wspaniała wiadomość <3 Bardzo się cieszę :happybounce:
Dziękuję bardzo ^///^
BonBon2013 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Z największą przyjemnością ^___^ W mojej galerii jest przewaga chłopaków, więc chętnie dodam rysunek dziewczyn, a i temat yuri bardzo lubię ^^ Nie ma za co <3
UGLITRY Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:blushes: thank you so much for faving My Moon by UGLITRY
NeMi09 Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You don't have to thank me ;)
It's a pleasure ^^
atorife Mar 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
musze kupic jeden adopt :D wiec nie licz na mnie :c
NeMi09 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
atorife Mar 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
atorife Mar 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
colored sketch:
NeMi09 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
O, super, dziękuję ^^ Wygląda jeszcze lepiej <3
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